Its unfortunate that the BJP-led government  nylontzcas nylontzcas .


Its unfortunate that the BJP-led government

The Rafale deal, surgical strikes, counter-terrorism, demonetisation, GST, and several initiatives of the NDA government in the last nearly five years were the highlight of President Ram Nath Kovind’s speech to the joint session of Parliament on the opening day of the Budget Session on Thursday. There cant be any bigger false statement than this because RBI itself has said in its report that over 99 per cent of the money came back.

The Indian armed forces have been bravely tacking all this and have lost many lives while doing so.. It was the money of farmers, women, poor and small businessmen among others," Congress leader Anand Sharma told media in New Delhi. This fight is against terrorism from across the border."Talking about Demonetisation, which hurt Indian economy badly, in Presidents speech is insensitive and humiliating the Indian people.The President also talked about the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led governments promise of making of a "New India" and the various schemes for social, infrastructure and economic development the government has undertaken during its tenure.New Delhi: In his address to the Joint Sitting of both Houses of Parliament ahead of the Budget Session, President Ram Nath Kovind mentioned inflated statistics of the various development work done by the BJP-led central government, hence his speech betrays people and humiliates them, the Congress said on Thursday. If people check, there is a big watch-making brand in Geneva, they (BJP) have stolen the wheel and axle from the brands logo.Read: Modi govt working for New India; has infused hope in people: Prez"President also mentioned Make in India in his speech. Therefore, talking about surgical strikes after so much time.Sharma further questioned why President Kovind didnt inform how many jobs have been created since BJP has come into power.

 So, there was no reason why they didnt give numbers of jobs created," he said.Sharma further stated that President Kovind should not have mentioned the 2016 surgical strike in his speech."If the promises were fulfilled then the government must have number of jobs created between 2014 and 2018. We condemn this," he added. The promises made before 2014 and after that have not been fulfilled," he added. even when many senior officials of Army have said that Army has been taking such actions before also.."We have many times said this that there caster wheels Manufacturers is a competition for India at border areas and at the Line of Control. They have inflated numbers of every scheme. Talking about the works done by this government in Presidents speech means betraying people and humiliating them. Even the logo of Make in India has not been made in India."Its unfortunate that the BJP-led government tried to withhold reliability of its fake promises through President Ram Nath Kovind (Ye durbhagya ki baat h ki sarkar ne President ke madhyam se apne jhoothe wadon ki vishwasniyata banane ka prayas kia).. This has never happened before. did terrorism come to an end after this (surgical strikes)? The truth is that terrorist activities have risen after that, more security personnel and civilians are being killed," he said.

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