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I think a man should be rugged.While the materials

Prada said she added overcoats to unify the looks."The 37-year-old Kwon expresses his whimsy with out-of-proportion cuts: Boyish striped sweaters that are part of his character series are gigantic with wide, trailing arms, dwarfing the wearer.Graphic prints appeared in both pastel colors and black and white on shirts, jacket panels and bags.Bikkembergs creationsLee Wood laid the seams bare at Dirk Bikkembergs during his second season as its creative director.Yolo from KoreaKorean designer Munsoo Kwon made his Milan debut in the Armani theater with a collection that contained some measure of autobiography. The thread that connects them all: The YOLO phenomenon, previously, before the invention of abbreviation-loving social media, known as "You Only Live Once. And the tailored outfits are clean and elegant, featuring pinstripe pants with long belts worn with a pajama-inspired top and a trench coat with bell sleeves.

"The lines were simple, with neat T-shirts with scooped necks paired with urban patchwork trousers cut from natural fabrics.Textures at FerragamoGuillaume Meilland&cast iron wheels wholesale39;s second collection for Ferragamo is inspired by the Mediterranean coastline shared by his native France and adopted Italy.The triptych collection includes pieces based on European tailoring, Korean military wear and a series of character looks. Heavy boots and utilitarian sandals anchored the looks.."Yes I like the idea of having, for me, something very Italian, something very much linked to the idea of the holidays and the seaside," Meilland said backstage.

They covered the walls of the showroom and became the prints that defined Sunday's menswear collection in Milan. "I don't want to see men all pretty and perfect. I wanted it to be like men should be," Lee said backstage.Wood said he was inspired by the brutalism architectural movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s that stood against adornment.The looks are defined by texture: cable-knit fishermen's sweaters, velvety shorts, corduroy trousers and suede laser cut tops, all hearty fare for wind-swept seaside strolls. "Textures, colors, we are trying combine soft velvet, English fabrics and heavy linens .Nylon jumpsuits defined the Prada silhouette, belted at the waist and gathered at the ankles and cuffs with plastic Prada labels.Ferragamo's footwear included penny loafers or slip on moccasins with rubber soles adorned with the trademark buckle for the city or rope accents for the seaside. Meshed sweaters of horizontal stripes tucked into houndstooth pattern trousers turned up into a thick cuff. Shirt collars were turned up. The fluid and something more rough.Suit jackets were worn with shorts that were nearly bloomers in proportion, a fob to summer, while some trousers were festooned with maxi-pockets. The cuffs were turned up to reveal the rough seam.

She employed two artists - James Jean from Los Angeles and Ollie Schrauwen of Belgium - to create graphic stories on a human and not superhero scale.The military looks are elongated and soft, not your usual regimented rendering.Scenes included a monkey with X-ray # vision who it later turns out is mechanical and an oversized spider descending to pick up houses. The designer also added touches of whimsy like sea horse prints and coral key chains.Second day of Milan Fashion Week saw a fresh breeze as young designers took the spotlight bringing in fresh silhouettes with new proportions and reinterpretations of old summertime favorites from linens to stripes. Sandals with socks anchored those looks. Tops, by contrast, were soft, like one that was a patchwork of gold, light blue and white.The silhouette was repeated in casualwear, with sweaters tucked into athletic-style trousers."The looks combined for an effortless silhouette that Meilland said was inspired by the 1960 French film "Purple Noon," based on the Patricia Highsmith's "Ripley" novels. I wanted it to be honest."I wanted it to be brutal. I think a man should be rugged.While the materials were mostly natural fibers and the color palette based on hues of blue, white and slate gray, the collection closed with flashes of green and Japanese technical fabric. There was a shorts version worn with Prada men's knee socks and pointy leather shoes.Prada RealityMiuccia Prada took inspiration from graphic novels for her latest collection, which aims to create a dialogue between the virtual world and the real world.The clean collection revealed the construction details that create rhythms with their repetition, from the patchwork trousers to the intarsia knitwear.

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