This aspect also enhances reading pleasure  nylontzcas nylontzcas .


This aspect also enhances reading pleasure

The grandmaster of a medieval matth in Kashi, a strapping young man Satyavrata Manu who emerges as the saviour of humankind, an extinction level great flood, cannibals and taantrics, Gods and demons.THE ANALYSISFirst- the classification; this trilogy can be classified under the mythological fiction and fantasy genre due to the presentation of main characters as nearly supernatural, and the rich dose of black magic, of curses and of demons and have it all in this racy trilogy... An ancient prophecy, a giant Ark, a barbarian king, a woman in love, a religious cult, the 14th century Black Plague, the East India Company, a sinister global brotherhood and the great Aryan-invasion debate. That said – the overall gist and significant portions of the books have strong factual underpinning. The author has succeeded in knitting a complex story with dexterity and introduces complex characters, each with his or her shade of grey.The modern timeline is around a young, Delhi-based entrepreneur, Vidyut Shastri, and his great grandfather Dwarka Shastri, who is the 108-year-old chieftain of a haunting, mysterious monastery in Banaras.But above all of this, is the imagination of the author and his superb skill in mixing several ancient histories to create one magnificent vision of an imaginary land. THE SERIESThis is a story spanning two timelines, 1700 BCE Harappa and 2017 Banaras, with snippets from various other timelines woven into them. It is also a story of the folly of anger, and the falling of a wronged demi-God to human status due to it, from which flows the rest of the story. The story during this timeline in 1700 BCE, centred around the ancient metropolis of Harappa, revolves around how Vivasvan Pujari rises from the ashes to wreak retribution on the magnificent city and its people.Kashi: Secret of the Black Temple By Vineet Bajpai TreeShade Books pp 416; Rs 295. The author succeeds in pulling out both the darkness as well as the light that resides in human hearts. Vidyut, prophesied to be the last devta on planet earth, has been kept away from Kashi for a reason – his bloodline bears a chilling, primordial curse. In fact, the characters get more strongly defined with each book, with much better clarity, clearly defined edges, shades and etches.

A series of three books that defy classification – with its mix of history, fiction, fantasy, religion, intrigue, mythology and crime…a reader could barely ask for more in any one series. For example, the Aryan migration theory, and its rebuttal is reasonably justified; as is the hint at fictionalization of Indian history by western historians. India, with its rich culture and unmatched heritage has a veritable treasure of stories just waiting to be told. The first story is one of Vivasvan Pujari, and his son Satyavrata Manu. This is a story of China caster wheels human greed, the abject blindness of the evil and that of raw courage; of sacrifice and of the bravery of the forces of Good.. . Both these aspects of my work-life offer a very different channel to my executive and creative energies..The most attractive aspect of this series is that the characters, their personalities and their overall plotting blends seamlessly across the three books

‘Wrote my first book at 25’How do you manage the two lives you have, one as an entrepreneur and another as a writer?To be honest, I feel I am blessed to have this combination of building companies and writing books available to me. Off late, many authors have gone down this path.Harappa, Pralay and now Kashi – author Vineet Bajpai’s trilogy has taken the country by storm.Complicating factors are the presence of an equally ancient order of evil that has a nefarious design for the entire human race…and the secret to which only Vidyut holds the key. And if you take the time to ponder over some segments, lines or statements, you are sure to find pearls of wisdom like this one – It is in the times of the starkest adversity that a true leader of men stands tall, above material greed, above individual preservation, and even above the fear of grave personal loss. Therefore, in that sense the book is also correctly aligned with historical will find all this and more in this trilogy.Vivasvan Pujari, the designated chief priest and demi-God of Harappa, as a result of being grievously betrayed by those he once trusted, is consumed with his desire for revenge. This aspect also enhances reading pleasure, as the story is not a superhero story, but rather that of a human effort of good against evil, just as laid out in the rich Indian scriptures and ancient tales, when Avatars fought beside and with humans. Harappa — Curse of the Blood River By Vineet Bajpai VB Performance LLP pp 328; Rs 250. Further, this is not a one or two-character story; there are four or five very strongly defined characters with strong roles, which makes for a classic tale. So, what is it about the Harappa trilogy that sets it apart from the rest? What has made it an instant bestseller and given it almost a cult-status (a quick glimpse of its reviews online would elucidate this point)? This is what we will attempt to discover in this review of the three books. It is a captivating story of hate, of rage, of greed, of unbridled ambition – and their cataclysmic outcomes.

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