All developed nations have their population  nylontzcas nylontzcas .


All developed nations have their population

"Next time someone says ‘I won’t have children’, feel free to not prod further. In fact, as young as 13, I remember telling my mom I wanted to adopt," she explains. It will only evolve into shaming others.Nothing is forbiddenAwareness is the focus area for Alok Kumar, a computer science tutor and an active YouTuber who runs the channel Varjitsatya (Forbidden Truth).

A poor farmer might look at having kids as an asset or an investment."Though firm on their decision, the couple accepts others’ choices to have kids. The world we live in is skewed dramatically, but we should use our privileges to create a platform for the world to be a tad fairer when we leave it. "Relatives shunned me and the girls I proposed to were not courageous enough to make a decision."No to anti-green actsSumedh, an insurance professional in Goa, too wouldn’t want to be tagged with any ‘ism’ for living child-free and not adding to environmental stress."Bombarded with queries and doubts, Alok launched the YouTube channel, where he made videos to clear all misconceptions on child-free lifestyle.Rheea finds labels like ‘anti-natalists’ flawed, "Blanket stereotyping of people who have or don’t have kids is silly and myopic.I am 35 and have never been inclined to have a baby. It’s high time people realise that the purpose of life is not only to bring in more life. Despite putting pressure on others, deep down, most people want to enjoy their life and don’t want to spend life raising children," he says. Though their love story was hailed by social media, their family cut off all the ties with the couple, who has decided that nothing would deter or demotivate them.

"It is utterly sad, rude and unbelievably hilarious that people think they have the ‘right’ to feel offended at a couple’s choice," she says. I would like to see the future that will be less populated," says Sumedh, who would undergo vasectomy to not let his partner suffer any invasive procedure.Vidhya, on the other hand, feels bad for all the people who are being judged, prodded and ridiculed for living life on their own terms. We can do better by not defining ourselves by what we hate. Parenthood has to be a choice; most people just yield to the social pressure to reproduce even though they aren’t ready for it."Raeesa adds, "People should be able to reach quality gynecological and contraceptive care. "People think we are crazy, but we try our best to utilise all rubber wheels Factory available platforms to tell the world why we don’t want to impose suffering on someone by giving birth; it’s immoral."People find it very hard to even digest the idea that it’s alright for someone to not have children," observes Deepak, adding, "Acceptance will ease the pressure so much on people who are tortured for their inability to have children – women put on steroids for years and men shamed for immasculinity, even in educated and affluent households. We need to work towards empowering women medically and emotionally, educating them about their choices. Do respect their choice!. Religion, too, is largely responsible. "I interview people from various walks of life who talk about taboo topics like ***ual needs of the differently-abled, anti-natalism etc. Alok and like-minded friends recently organised in New Delhi a meet-up ‘Stop Making Babies’, coordinating child-free proponents, anti-natalists, efilists and members of Voluntary Human Extinct-ion Movement.

We have so many ways of interpreting the world and commanding the space. For some, the things they do are benefited by not having kids, for others, raising a child to be kind can be a powerful act. "If I ever marry, I will choose someone who prefers to live child-free." Having grown up in a progressive and liberal background has helped shape up his thoughts."Not just lack of awareness, poverty too matters, observes Tom. Only with proper education will people see the truth.As he has been quite vocal about his philosophy, Alok had a hard time finding a life partner. I was advised not to go public about such matters, but I wasn’t ashamed, even when people started asking me if I was impotent. "I believe that humans are the most destructive species as they encroach upon the earth and endanger lives, eliminating many species. Says Deepak, "All developed nations have their population under control. But with education, access to contraceptives and better awareness of rights, many problems can be solved," he hopes. Over-population is not as much a problem as shared distribution of resources."Open about his views, he feels it’s very important to sensitise people, "Especially the lakhs of underprivileged men and women who never know that they have a choice. No social pressure will affect us.Spread the wordAll these child-free individuals know their choice is a prerogative and agree that awareness is very crucial among people who thoughtlessly engage in the process of multiplying. Now that more non-parents are revealing themselves, they are hopeful of the idea gaining momentum.," explains Alok, who fell in love with wheel-chair-bound Shweta, who too was against the idea of childbirth. "Poverty, illiteracy and rapid population growth reinforce each other. She says, "Everyone uses their social and economic privileges in their unique circumstances for a better life

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